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We can provide a full machining service for both metal & plastic components AND MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY . Industries served by our precision-machined parts include fiber-optic communication, medical applications, industry applications, fluid control, automotive, semi-conductor and aerospace.

We offer a flexible, innovative business approach, including multiple-plant capability and just-in-time deliveries. It is known that every manufacturer is characteristic in its very specialty and no one can make everything.

Since we have been experienced in the industry for years and formed extensive collaboration with others in the trade, we are able to identify our customers' needs and help them in their outsourcing activities.

Working with us, our customers can avoid unfamiliar plant situations and sometimes even cases with language difficulties. Especially we have an extensive cooperation with large inland enterprises which aggregate sophisticated technical skills and are equipped with advanced machines.

Our advantage is to maintain a reasonable price but hassle free for our clients. Besides high precision metal machining, we can also take orders of pressing and stamping. Our expertise in working with our peer makes us the first choice for one-stop outsourcing destinations.

Our systems are all specifically tailored to zero defects, on-time delivery, and superior customer service. we promise our clients one-stop shopping through excellent communications and serve as your ultimate outsourcing destination.